Welcome to Young Commercial

The Young Automotive Group has been in business for over 90 years. We are Utah’s fastest growing dealer group with 22 rooftops and counting. As a locally owned, family-run business, we provide a fast, no-hassle purchasing experience.

  • Inventory from over 22 dealerships and brands
  • Customized lease & financing options
  • WEX Fleet Service Account
  • In-house DMV and licensing at no additional charge
  • Custom vehicle wraps and decals
  • and much more

Aaron Huffaker

Aaron is from Coalville, Utah and has been in the business since 2019. A proud husband and father, he loves spending time outdoors with his family and working around his home that was built over 130 years ago. Aaron’s keys to success align with the Young Automotive Mission Statement by simply providing everyone he meets with an experience that they won’t receive anywhere else.

(801) 647-2809


DJ Bybee

DJ comes to the Young Automotive Group from Farmington, Utah.  With a number of years in the insurance industry in his back pocket, he’s developed a fiercely loyal following by providing superior customer service.  He was referred to our team by his good friend and found a home here on our Fleet Team in 2020.  DJ enjoys playing sports with his boys and doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty.  He’s of the mindset that the more disciplined you are and the harder you work, the greater the rewards will be.

(801) 941-1545


Jeff Heileson

Jeff has over 20 years in the Automotive business and comes from an automotive family.  His dad owed a Chrysler dealership when he was in High School, but he avoided the industry until he became an assistant controller in the industry back in 2000. Over the years he’s purchased tens of thousands of cars and decided to join the Young Automotive Group in 2016.  Jeff has a BS in Business Administration and has had season tickets to Utes Football for 14 years running.  He also travels to a KC Chiefs game at least once a season.

(801) 871-9045


Jim & Sue Pehrson

Jim and Sue work out of our Burley, Idaho stores and are an unstoppable team.  They have 4 children and 12 grandchildren and love being in the outdoors with their family.  Jim and Sue work together to keep things organized…ah well we should say, Sue keeps Jim organized and Jim handles the business end of things and we couldn’t be prouder to have them as part of the YAG Team

(702) 588-8800


Mike Stoof

Mike comes to the Young Automotive Team from Bountiful, Utah and has been the automotive industry since 2016.  Mike loves to sell trucks, but his true passion is the outdoors.  He’ll find a dirt road and ride down it, just to find out where it ends.  He got into the automotive industry because a finance manager friend of his talked him into it.  He liked it so much, he just thought he’d stay.  Well Mike, we’re sure glad you did.  Mike specializes in Ford trucks, but is happy to talk about most anything.  Just don’t ask him about bikes.  You’ll never make it to your next appointment.

(801) 920-9441


Scott Brown

Scott comes to Young’s from South Jordan, Utah and has been in this business for over 30 years.  He got his start at Great Basin GMC all those years ago and still sells GM products out of the Chevrolet store in Layton to this day.  He has a bachelor’s degree in business education/physical education and puts that degree to good use running all over the lot in the middle of the summer.  You won’t find a guy that works harder to meet his clients’ needs. Whenever someone asks Scott how he meet’s his goals, he always replies, “I just get there.”  Come see how Scott can help you meet your automotive goals.

(801) 301-8777


Shane Stauffer

Shane is from South Weber, Utah and is a seasoned Fleet Team Member.  Shane owned his own dealership and after 17 years sold it to a national chain, now he shares his success with many of our less experienced team members.  He loves to golf and has a passion for trucks.  Shane is always on the move and you very rarely find him sitting at his desk, because he’s usually up and around making sure that things are “just right” for his valued friends and clients.  Whatever your vehicle needs, Shane has the tools to find the right solutions.

(801) 725-5741


Jeremy Howe

Jeremy lives in South Ogden, Utah and is an automative and powersports veteran of over 25 years. He graduated with his MBA from Weber State University and loves golfing, mountain biking, camping and off-roading.  Jeremy loves meeting new people and that’s why this industry is a perfect fit for him.  Jeremy’s kind of a techie, so if your new vehicle has some of today’s modern technology, ask Jeremy, he’ll help you figure it out. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with his coworkers and training our newer staff the automotive trade.

(801) 686-5599


Rick Bailey
Fleet Manager

Rick heads up the Young Automotive Fleet Team and lives in Huntsville, Utah.  Active in his community, Rick is always giving back.  He loves to take his boys hunting, hiking, camping, & snowmobiling. Rick has been with the Young Automotive Group since 2013 and his leadership and ingenuity has earned him a reputation as an industry leader, not only here in Utah, but throughout the western states.

(801) 710-4401


Brian Brackenbury

Brian is fairly new to the auto industry, but his outgoing personality and can-do attitude has quickly earned him a place on the Fleet Team at YAG.  Growing up on a dairy farm, hard work is nothing new to Brian and the long hours in the automotive industry don’t scare him a bit.  Brian has already developed a loyal customer following and he loves trucks.  So, if you’re looking for a down-to-earth buying experience from a guy that will go out of his way to make things happen, Brian is your guy in the Idaho market.

(208) 430-1690